What a Crock! Credo:  Even busy people with a short attention span can cook successfully thanks to the invention of the Crock Pot!  Alright, that’s kind of a long credo. And not very credo-like.

Thanksgiving crock pot cooking at my mom’s.

My name is Alli and I discovered the wonder of Crock Pot cooking shortly after I returned from living in Japan in 2011. I was living alone at the time and found the idea of cooking daunting and not worth the effort for one person. After sustaining on bar food, take out, and things that can be made in the oven or microwave from Trader Joe’s, I received a little bonus from work and went out to Target and treated myself to a Crock Pot. Knowing a thing or two about making meals in a rice cooker, I navigated my first Crock Pot dishes with the help of my Crock Pot hero, Stephanie O’Dea, and her blog.  Now that I’m more confident in my Crock Pot cooking, I decided to start a blog and share my tips and ideas with you. 

In 2013, I made a very big leap to the world of pescetarianism. While I expected it to be very difficult to adjust, I have barely thought about eating meat since. Not only do I enjoy the extra challenge of creating vegetarian recipes (especially for the Crock Pot), but I am enjoying the flavors of foods in new ways and considerably more conscious of the nutritional value of foods. All of my recipes are now vegetarian and very occasionally include fish as well.

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